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it turned out this way cos you dreamed it this way

So many people I love are really far away. One of them: S. Last time I saw her she said she lives in many worlds at once. I’d known her for years by then and only saw her drawings that day for the first time. Intricate, singular drawings. The kind that necessitate layers of worlds, levels of worlds, parallel worlds running together and then falling apart.

I’ve been dropping in and out of one certain world since I was eighteen and started reading Antonin Artaud and Guy Debord and everything that spun out from the ideas of the Situationists. The way they used words caused a kind of glittering in my head, seemed to to match up exactly with an unspoken perspective I thought existed only for me. Seemed really really close and really really dead. Something else I had missed.

This is all why I’m wishing I were in London this week, to catch Robert Montgomery’s show “it turned out this way cos you dreamed it this way” at KK Outlet.

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