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Based on the short story by…

Everything Must Go, starring Will Ferrell, is based on the story “Why Don’t You Dance” by Raymond Carver. It comes out this month.

Often, when movies are based on short stories, it  reminds me of the use of samples in hip-hop. The screenwriter take a memorable nugget, the hook of the story, and builds up around it.

In honor of Short Story Month, here are some more movies based on short stories:

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May is short story month

After poetry month, we have short story month, begun a few years back by Dan Wickett in order to call attention to this particular form of fiction. It’s grown since its inception, and this year quite a few writers and writerly organizations are getting on board. Matt Bell in particular is getting into the festivities this year, vowing to read and blog about one short story per day during the month of May. Check out all the posts here, and start thinking of what you can do to get into the spirit. Read a new story collection, pick up a new literary journal, discover a new writer, write your own stories.

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