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get yr nerd on

some day my home will be plastered with posters as awesome as this.

i heart the library of congress.  these WPA posters are just one reason why.

holy shit, dfw fans—someone made a poor yorick entertainment website (a.k.a. proof that there are people in the world more obsessed with infinite jest than me).  revel in all that is the totally fictional filmography of the totally fictional mad stork.

national geographic has dug up declassified photos from area 51.

those “great ideas” book covers that i love/covet oh so very much?  you can see all 100 of them on penguin’s site.

holy shit, cloud atlas fans—the wachowski brothers (the guys responsible for the matrix films) are making a film adaptation, with hugo weaving starring in multiple roles.

there are now awards, complete with their own fancy ceremony (“formal wear suggested”), for book trailers.  the event was yesterday, the trailers are all linked to here.

not to be outdone by marvel, which seems intent on “rebooting” their biggest movie franchises (e.g., x-men and spider-man), dc comics is going to restart ALL of their comics with issue 1 later this year.

science can now delete your totally bummer memories.  from your brain.  wtf.


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