Michael BellMichael Bell is an MFA Candidate at Eastern Washington University where he studies fiction and teaches Creative Writing to high school students. He is the Fiction Editor of Willow Springs.

Asa Maria BradleyWhen Åsa Maria Bradley is not teaching college physics, she’s typing away at her latest manuscript. A graduate of the EWU MFA Creative Nonfiction program, her work has appeared in a variety of magazines and journals. She lives in Eastern WA with her British husband and a used dog of indeterminate breed. Visit her on the web,, and on Twitter @AsaMariaBradley.

picDaniella Burke is one of two South Africans currently living in Eastern Washington. She loves wine and poetry and ideas, alternately laid-back and passionate depending on the moment. She loves to cook, especially when somebody else is paying.

Laura CitinoLaura Citino is originally from Michigan and feels more like a Midwesterner every time she sees a mountain. Currently living in Spokane, WA, she is a graduate student in fiction and a composition instructor at Eastern Washington University, assistant fiction editor at Willow Springs, and also works part time at Spokane Public Radio. She gets jazzed about sustainable living/being a hippy, biking, local food, local music, and anything that builds up and empowers individual communities.

Marcus Corder grew up not far from where he is now. There have been stops on both coasts in between, as well as a wedding, a fish that traveled through twenty-seven states, and some fantastic Michigan doughnuts. You can find his writing on paper, in digital files, and scribbled on the 3×4-foot whiteboard sticky notes on the walls of his apartment. He is the former web editor for Willow Springs. Currently he is Senior Editor at Gray Dog Press, and also editor of SpokeWrite.

Erin-SoMedErin Dodge is a communications and design consultant, living in Spokane, Washington. She has an MFA in Fiction and an MA in Technical Communication and Visual Communication Design, both from EWU. Her four life-mates vary in age from 2 to 52—one has a tale, two cannot be left home alone and the other tolerates her home décor, which is generously called shabby-kiddy-chic (minus the chic).

Sam EdmondsSam Edmonds earned his MFA from the Inland Northwest Center for Writers. If you ever confuse the principle parts of lay and lie around Sam Edmonds, he will probably strike you, unless you are a Navy Seal, or something. Sam lives and writes and works and plays disc golf in Browne’s Addition, Washington.

Laura EnderLaura Ender has an MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University, where she worked as an assistant managing editor for Willow Springs. She currently lives with her husband, cat, and a sourdough starter named Steve. Her fiction has appeared in Monkeybicycle, Iconoclast, and elsewhere.

Scott EubanksScott Eubanks grew up in a foster home for children with developmental disabilities in Simi Valley, California, the home of the Ronald Reagan Public Library, the destination of every school field trip for a decade. He’s published short stories in the Whitefish Review, and the Yellow Medicine Review, and an essay in Memoir(and). He lives in Spokane, Washington, with his girlfriend, 200 lbs of harmless dogs, and a tank of tropical fish that just refuse to die.

Tyler EvansTyler Evans lives and writes in Spokane where he serves as managing editor for Willow Springs. He’s a notorious insomniac, and spends many sleepless nights watching infomercials for Rosacea treatments and miracle cleaning solvents. His work has appeared in the Rio Grande Review, Berkeley Fiction Review, Our Stories, The Broken Plate and Short FICTION.

Jonathan FreyJonathan Frey teaches writing at North Idaho College. He lives in Spokane, Washington, with his wife and daughter.

TJ FullerTJ Fuller writes and works in Portland, Oregon.

Carly GreenfieldCarly Greenfield was born in Colorado Springs, CO. She is a recent transplant to the Spokane area she has enjoyed working as a fiction editor for Willow Springs and pursuing literary things. Carly enjoys the outdoors, books, happy music and dogs. Carly is working on overcoming fears of spiders and submitting biographical information.

Tim GreenupTim Greenup grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, but currently lives in Washington state, where he does many things. His poems have appeared in Redivider, Strange Machine and Interrupture.

Nicole HardinaNicole Hardina lives in Seattle, where she teaches English as a Second Language and Adult Basic Education. She is a former Fiction Editor of Willow Springs and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University. She always catches the first fish.

Rachel Hartley-SmithRachel Hartley-Smith was born and raised in southern Indiana. She has an MA in Creative Writing and an MA in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University. She migrated (far) west to the Inland Pacific Northwest where she completed an MFA in Creative Writing focused in creative nonfiction in 2012. Currently, she lives in vast Chicagoland, writing and teaching composition and developmental writing at the College of DuPage.

SarahSarah Hauge graduated from Eastern Washington University with an MFA in nonfiction. She lives in Spokane, Washington, where she’s worked as everything from a technical writer to a cross country coach to a call center appointment scheduler. She writes for a handful of publications.

Summer HessSummer Hess was a 2011 Creative Writing Fulbright Fellow in northern Chile. This year she is finishing her degree in nonfiction writing at EWU and scouting for her next writing gig.

Kathryn HoughtonKathryn Houghton is a former assistant managing editor for Willow Springs and a current reader for Hayden’s Ferry Review. Her work has been published in The Collagist. She teaches writing at Michigan State University. Find out more at

Melissa HugginsMelissa Huggins earned her MFA in Fiction from Eastern Washington University and serves as the program coordinator for Get Lit!, an annual literary festival in Spokane, WA. She is obsessed, to varying degrees, with all of the following: hockey, Alice Munro, clean countertops, solo camping trips, baked goods, Bob Dylan, and tequila. She is at work on a novel, which some would kindly call “in progress.”

Cathie JohnsonCathie Johnson grew up in Northern California near vineyards. She uses this as justification for the amount of wine she drinks. The majority of her time is spent thinking about boys, drinking tea, composing poetry, and teaching composition poetically. She loves cheese, the Apollo program (especially 8 & 12) and being an INFJ.

Geneva KaiserGeneva Kaiser is a former managing editor of Willow Springs. She is currently working as a writer and graphic designer in Spokane, Washington.

Dorian KarahaliosDorian Karahalios is a desert rat (not literally) from Tucson, Arizona, who hasn’t quite gotten used to the idea of 4pm sunsets. He also finds it humorous that what Spokanites call rain, he calls a drizzle. When he isn’t absorbing himself in various geek cultures, he finds the time to write and stuff. He’s also the Assistant Web Editor of Willow Springs—if you’re into that sort of thing (He is)—and writes flash fiction on his website.

Amaris KetchamAmaris Ketcham is an honorary Kentucky Colonel and the former Managing Editor of Willow Springs. She teaches publishing at the University of New Mexico. Her work has appeared in Sacred Fire, Rio Grande Review, and the Utne Reader. More information may be found at her website.

Scott Kinder-PyleScott Kinder-Pyle is a 1985 graduate of Penn State University, where he received a B.A. in English. He then matriculated to and from Princeton Theological Seminary, where met his wife, Sheryl, and studied under Diogenes Allen. After receiving a Masters in Divinity, Scott entered the ordained ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA). He has served churches in Spokane, Wa; Ada, Ohio; Limerick, Pa… In 2006, Scott moved back to Spokane with his family (including two boys, Ian & Philip) to start a new congregation. After pursuing his Doctor of Ministry and writing his dissertation, “Pastor As Struggling Poet,” he opted for the “poet” part of the equation and entered the M.F.A. program at Eastern Washington University.

Steve KnezovichSteve Knezovich can be found on the back porch of the East Coast (Pittsburgh, PA), where he serves as both the associate editor and director of mentoring at CREATIVE NONFICTION; he is the only fiction writer in the office. In his spare time, god willing, he freelances (book reviews, mostly, for Pittsburgh Magazine, mostly). He was a twelve pound baby.

Michelle KozlowskiMichelle Kozlowski earned her MFA from the Inland Northwest Center for Writers at Eastern Washington University. She now resides in Seattle, WA where she continues to cultivate her fondness of activism, roller derby, yoga, slacklining, new vegetarian recipes, homemade t-shirts, self-improvement, photography, and documentary film.

Leyna KrowLeyna Krow likes riding bicycles, eating donuts, and popping bubble wrap. She is a fiction student at Eastern Washington University’s MFA program, as well as an instructor of English composition and an assistant managing editor for Willow Springs. Originally from southern California, Leyna has mixed feelings about her current home of Spokane, Wash. for obvious reasons.

Gabrielle LeeGabrielle “Rie” Lee doesn’t understand why people say “Washington” as if there’s an “r” in it. As a recently-retired dancer, Rie pops her hips on a regular basis and does most of her fiction writing whilst sitting in uncomfortable-looking positions. She currently serves as an Assistant Managing Editor for Willow Springs, and enjoys people-watching and playing Quidditch online. Rie lives with her husband and his sweet tooth in Spokane.

Greg LeunigGreg Leunig has an MFA from EWU. He really, really likes science, and hopes that the U.S. will land on Mars while he’s still young enough to jump up and down excitedly.

Samuel LigonSamuel Ligon is the author of DRIFT AND SWERVE, a collection of stories (2009), and SAFE IN HEAVEN DEAD, a novel (2003). His stories have appeared in The Quarterly, Alaska Quarterly Review, New England Review, Noise: Fiction Inspired by Sonic Youth, Post Road, Keyhole, Sleepingfish, Gulf Coast, and elsewhere. He teaches at Eastern Washington University in Spokane, Washington, and is the editor of WILLOW SPRINGS. Learn more at

Brendan LynaughBrendan Lynaugh is a former fiction editor at Willow Springs and finished his MFA in fiction at EWU in 2010. He lives and works in New Jersey as a tennis instructor and enjoys rock-climbing, skiing, tennis, and whiskey. He has stories published or forthcoming in Inertia magazine and the Monongahela Review.

KarenKaren Maner grew up in Dayton, Ohio, birthplace of cash registers, flight, and Rob Lowe. She is currently living in Spokane, where she is pursuing an MFA in nonfiction at Eastern Washington University and serving as the Get Lit! Programs Assistant Coordinator for 2012-2013.

Seth MarlinSeth Marlin is the current Web Editor of Willow Springs, and is pursuing his MFA in Fiction at Eastern Washington University. His short stories and poems have appeared in M-Brane, Wit’s End, Short Story America, Greatest Lakes Review, and Underground Voices. He lives in Spokane, Washington.

Amanda MauleAmanda Maule left the northwoods of Wisconsin to study poetry at EWU’s MFA program. She is a former Assistant Managing Editor for Willow Springs and the outside center for the Spokane women’s rugby team. She has written reviews for DIAGRAM.

Kristina McDonaldKristina McDonald is not your mother, although she’ll hold you while you cry. She can kick your ass at bowling, copyediting, and writing poems about nursery rhymes. A former poetry editor of Willow Springs, Kristina currently works at Rice University. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Narrative, The New Guard, Sugar House Review, and Shelf Life.

Jen MoodyJen Moody has, after seven months of what she would call winter, accepted the fact that she is living outside of her beloved South, where she was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. Luckily, ol’ Spokeasy has been good to her, and she’s enjoying her time here as she earns her MFA in fiction at EWU. However, it would sure be nice to find some good brisket and a snowcone stand, y’all.

Adam O'Connor RodriguezAdam O’Connor Rodriguez is a writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. A graduate of Eastern Washington University’s MFA in Creative Writing program, he now works as Senior Editor of Hawthorne Books (

Brian O'GradyBrian O’Grady lives in Chicago, where he is an optimization and campaign-planning specialist for a search engine marketing company, which is actually not a joke. He is a former managing editor for Willow Springs and writes fiction and nonfiction.

Brett OrtlerBrett Ortler is the editor at a publishing house in the Twin Cities. He is cofounder and coeditor of Knockout Literary Magazine. His work appears in Permafrost, Rattle, Redactions, The South Dakota Review, Nimrod and online at McSweeney’s, among other venues. He blogs about parenting at The Screaming Infant and writes rather random letters at A Litany of Interesting Things, which is also his science blog.

Casey PatrickCasey Patrick once volunteered as an elf at her local bank where kids came to see Santa. Perhaps because of the attention she received there, she loves costume parties to this day, and was most recently a jackalope for Halloween. When she’s not dressing up as other people/things, she studies poetry in EWU’s MFA program. Because this feels a little like a personal ad, she also wants you to know she loves green tea, F. Scott Fitzgerald, nautical-themed clothing, and dancing like a fool.

Shira RichmanShira Richman currently lives in Nuremberg where she studies German and Germans. She has stories and poems published or forthcoming in the Los Angeles Review, Third Coast, PANK, Palooka, Spoon River Poetry Review, Prick of the Spindle, Knockout, and elsewhere. She blogs here Tuesdays with the regularity of religious ritual.

Adrian RogersAdrian Rogers is a journalist by trade, and a 2007 graduate of Eastern Washington University’s MFA program in creative nonfiction. She grew up in Michigan and lives in Spokane.

Melina RutterMelina C. Rutter could do pretty much anything right now and so she’s going further and further places.

Pete SheehyPete Sheehy grew up in NJ but has been a Washington State resident for 20 years. He lives in Seattle, works in the public schools, writes fiction, and enjoys writing about literature, film, music, and sports. He has also been known to dabble in ventriloquism and boxing.

Jason SommerJason Sommer is currently an assistant editor at PANK, and a former managing editor of willow springs. he graduated from the ewu mfa program and is now back in his beloved hometown of chicago, working on his first short story collection. also: he loves everything all the time..

Monet ThomasKatrina Stubson is the Managing Editor for Willow Springs. She received her BFA in Creative Writing from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and is currently a 2nd-year MFA candidate in the Creative Writing program at Eastern Washington University, specializing in nonfiction. When she isn’t working on the magazine, reading, writing, or designing, she makes greeting cards and sells them on Etsy for a reasonable price. She’s obsessed with arts and crafts and making things, probably to an unhealthy degree.

Ericka TaylorAs a third-grader, Ericka Taylor thought she was the spawn of Satan because her first, middle, and last names each have six letters. She is still waiting to be disabused of that notion. A native Nashvillian who spent most of the last 15 years in DC, she now resides in much colder Spokane, Washington where she’s pursuing her MFA at the Inland Northwest Center for Writers. She is an Assistant Managing Editor for Willow Springs and believes that playing Wii Tennis with a beer in one hand still counts as exercise.

Monet P. ThomasMonet P. Thomas is originally from North Carolina and has a persona named Samuel. The speakers in her poems are never alone, even when completely alone. She dreams about writing non-fiction and romance novels under a psuedonym. Please don’t call her “Mon-net” or ask if she likes Claude Monet’s work.She does.

Asa Maria BradleyAndrew Vanden Bossche has an incredibly powerful last name, which he uses only for good, never evil. He is also a nonfiction student at Eastern Washington University’s MFA program and an instructor of English composition. Whenever possible he freelances on the topic of video games, which is as fun as it sounds, and ten times as much work.

Aileen Keown VauxAileen Keown Vaux is a native Washingtonian who studies poetry in the MFA program at Eastern Washington University. She is an assistant managing editor of Willow Springs, and a composition instructor at EWU.

Shawn VestalShawn Vestal is a longtime journalist and writer who lives in Spokane, Wash., with his wife and son. He graduated from Eastern Washington University’s MFA program in fiction, has published some short stories, and would love to clean up the mess that is currently his “novel.” His blogging legs are new and unsteady.

Dan J. ViceDan J. Vice grew up in Indianapolis, and now lives in the English Department at Gonzaga University, where he teaches college kids to read and write and is also Associate Director of the Summer Writing Institute. He is extremely fond of moving pictures, has no idea who won the game last night, and usually carries around the unshakeable feeling that he has forgotten to worry about something.

Tanya DeBuff WalletteTanya DeBuff Wallette‘s favorite meal is a BLT with super crispy bacon. Her celebrity lookalike is Rachel Dratch. Her weird thing is that she rinses her ice cubes. She dreams of living in a German village. Her poetry has appeared online at The Smoking Poet and Literary Mama. Her nonfiction work has not made an appearance outside of her master’s thesis. A recurring motif in her work is, apparently, socks. She blogs as Bess at

lareignpurpleLareign Ward left behind a life of crime reporting to come to Eastern Washington University and study creative nonfiction in the MFA program. She also teaches English composition at EWU, where her East Texas accent makes “draft” sound like “giraffe” to her very confused students. Her hobbies include talking in her sleep and making awful puns, sometimes at the same time.

Jaime WoodJaime R. Wood is the author of Living Voices: Multicultural Poetry in the Middle School Classroom (NCTE 2006). Her poems have appeared in Dislocate, Matter, Weird Sisters, Rivets, and Juked and are forthcoming in Four Branches Press, DIAGRAM, and ZYZZYVA. When she’s not teaching in Eastern Washington University’s English department, Jaime is writing for Willow Springs’ new blog Bark, editing for Willow Springs Books, or lying comatose on her couch surrounded by five cats and her fiction-writer boyfriend.



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