Four Pain Poems by Laurie Lamon

These poems are quite different from my other poems,” Laurie Lamon says in here Willow Springs profile. “With this series, and crucially with this ‘Pain Thinks of Black’, I am trying, with very intentional reductions, to render experience without metaphor or simile, without the values of association and correspondence. That sounds like a description for something other than a poem! When I was writing the first of what would become over forty of what are now The Pain Poems, it was the X-ray and MRI image that became the visual guide for what I was handling. Everything familiar to me as poetic tools had become inadequate.’Pain Thinks of Black’ took years to get right, as ridiculous as that sounds. It’s only four lines long!”

Lamon says, “‘Pain Thinks of Still Life’ is something quite different in subject, exploring the paradox of that genre to express the dynamic of possibility that the image and juxtaposition can render. The imagistic poem, the Still Life painting—they offer an amazing presentness that is anything but quiet.”

Lamon’s Pain Poems have been published in WS 44, 55, and 67.



55-lamon-painangel Lamon-PainStillLife44-lamon-painhelen

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