“Prey” by Maxim Loskutoff

Maxim Loskutoff grew up in small-town Montana, and in his Willow Springs profile he says he was exposed there to Native American folk stories from a young age and found beauty in the roles animals played in them. “Then,” he says, “I’d read in the local newspaper about some dude who tried to pet a bison and got trampled.” That tension between the animal world’s danger and beauty is central to the success of his story “Prey,” first published in Willow Springs 72.72-Loskutoff-Prey 1 72-Loskutoff-Prey 2 72-Loskutoff-Prey 3 72-Loskutoff-Prey 4 72-Loskutoff-Prey 5 72-Loskutoff-Prey 6 72-Loskutoff-Prey 7 72-Loskutoff-Prey 8 72-Loskutoff-Prey 9

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