“Fellowship” by Susan McCarty

Nostalgia is a tricky thing to wield,” Susan McCarty says in her Willow Springs profile. “It can be a touchpoint for emotion, but it can also be schlocky, or worse, boring to everyone who is not you, like when you try to explain a really great dream to someone.” It was her desire to avoid those pitfalls that shaped the story “Fellowship,” originally published in Willow Springs 71.

“I wasn’t interested in revisiting specific details or scenes from my own life, but I did draw on my own emotional experience of my parents’ divorce when I was eighteen. I was interested in that moment when everything seems to be stretched to the breaking point, that moment right before the release of this person into the world, just before her escape. But I was uninterested in moralizing that tension.”

McCarty’s forthcoming book, Anatomies, has received advanced praise from Kirkus and Esquire.com.

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