“Transcontinental” by Alexandra Teague

Alexandra Teague’s “Transcontinental” is the fruit of  the author’s research for another writing project, one in which a character would ride the Transcontinental Railroad, completed just ten years prior. As she writes in her Willow Springs profile, Teague found herself “amazed by the strangeness of historical fact(s),” like the transcontinental railroad’s early booster, Theodore “Crazy Judah” Judah, and the Dada-esque coded message between Union Pacific and Central Pacific: “Roving Delia Fish Dance.”

“Transcontinental,” as epic in scope as the project it depicts, was originally published in Willow Springs 71.

71-Teague-Transcontinental 1 71-Teague-Transcontinental 2 71-Teague-Transcontinental 3 71-Teague-Transcontinental 4 71-Teague-Transcontinental 5 71-Teague-Transcontinental 6 71-Teague-Transcontinental 7 71-Teague-Transcontinental 8 71-Teague-Transcontinental 9 71-Teague-Transcontinental 10 71-Teague-Transcontinental 11 71-Teague-Transcontinental 12 71-Teague-Transcontinental 13 71-Teague-Transcontinental 14

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