“The Putting Down of the Mint Julep” by Matthew Gavin Frank

According to his 2015 Willow Springs profile, Matthew Gavin Frank’s “The Putting Down of the Mint Julep” is part of “this weird, lyrical, anti-cookbook cookbook of sorts” still in progress,  where “each essay begins with a similar line of questioning, rooted in the state at hand, and its (perhaps strange) relationship to a particular food or drink often associated with said state.” This essay, which was originally published in Willow Springs 73, looks at Kentucky through the lens of its most iconic cocktail.73-Frank-ThePuttingDownoftheMintJulep 1 73-Frank-ThePuttingDownoftheMintJulep 2 73-Frank-ThePuttingDownoftheMintJulep 3 73-Frank-ThePuttingDownoftheMintJulep 4 73-Frank-ThePuttingDownoftheMintJulep 5 73-Frank-ThePuttingDownoftheMintJulep 6

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