“Our Own Kind” by Ann Pancake

Ann Pancake considers herself primarily a fiction writer, but Bark republishes here her essay “Our Own Kind” from Willow Springs 71, the opening paragraph of which both hooks the reader and encapsulates the graceful movement of the entire essay.

71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 171-Pancake-OurOwnKind 2 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 3 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 4 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 5 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 6 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 7 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 8 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 9 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 10 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 11 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 12 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 13 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 14 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 15 71-Pancake-OurOwnKind 16

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