Bark 2.0

ONEDOESNOTSIMPLYBUILDBARKWelcome to Bark 2.0! We’ve poured millions of dollars, dozens of focus groups, and countless hours into making Bark the ultimate blog experience.

Shhhh, I know it was just me and Tony, but they don’t.

We’ve tried very hard to make the new Bark both better looking and easier to use. In  fact, this is actually Bark 6.0, because the editors, in their infinite wisdom, threw out Bark 2 through 5.

“It’s too boxy”, “it has too many pictures,” “it doesn’t work on my Commodore 64.”

But we’re ok with that, because we just want it to be perfect, and after all, they’re the ones paying us.

What do you mean they’re not paying us? Seriously? Not even in snacks?

Bark 2 is so responsive it will work on just about any platform, make you tea, and return your drunk texts with polite banter. And we’ve made changes behind the scenes as well. Bark 2’s content is handpicked from only the finest writers, and roasted by a team of elite editors that in no way shape or form resemble a roomful of monkeys with a typewriter. In fact, the way we see it, Bark is not just a blog, it’s a new beginning for civilization.

Really, they’re not paying us at all?

We hope you like the new Bark, and if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, we’d love to hear them.


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