What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Two months ago, I posted about Esther Honig’s project where she sent out a picture of herself to graphic designers all over the world with the words “make me beautiful” as the only direction.

Today, I want examine internal validation of beauty, instead of looking at how external factors judge what makes us desirable.

How would you answer the question: What makes You Feel Beautiful?

In a recent social experiment aimed at capturing different visions of beauty and document participants’ own impressions of what makes them feel beautiful,  the eBay Fashion Blog team sent photographers Alizon Luntz and Viola Gaskell out on the streets of New York and Seattle to ask 80 random people just that question.



People listed family, exercise, the outdoors, and even brushing their teeth essentials to their feelings of being beautiful. One of my favorite answers comes from one of the Seattle people: “Life just makes me feel happy and beautiful–waking up every day and looking at all the beauty in the world.”

I wish I could wake up feeling like that every day.

Short and chunky, I’ve never measured up to the standard ideal of beauty. Something I came to terms with a long time ago. My own answer would probably be closer to another Seattleite’s answer: “What makes me feel beautiful is my accomplishments, big and small.

Accomplishments and challenges are linked to confidence for me. I like to challenge myself to do new things and accomplish hard goals, reaching those goals makes me feel confident. And when I’m confident, I feel beautiful.

Check out all the pictures and answers from the experiment and then share what makes you feel beautiful in the comments below.

You can follow the Tweets that started with this experiment by searching for #MakesMeFeelBeautiful.


  • Nicole Hardina Nicole says:

    Thanks for directing us toward the project site, Asa! It’s lovely to scroll through. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the older I get, the more beautiful everyone is. I don’t mean the contrast between myself and the younger, fitter, more fashionable people around me, although there’s certainly that. I mean that the beauty of the human form, the human face, in all its variations, becomes more apparent to me over time. There is beauty in every single face, in every single body. It feels like a gift to notice it.

    I suppose that noticing the beauty in others makes me also feel beautiful, but I don’t generally reflect on it in the moment. Two of the comments from the project that resonated with me were one person who felt beautiful when she felt appreciated, and another who felt beautiful in the presence of others’ beauty. Recently, I tried on a wedding dress, and I found myself surprised to feel beautiful, and then sad because I was so surprised. This confession, too, now seems beautiful to me. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect and share.

  • Asa Maria says:

    Hey Nicole! You ARE beautiful!

    I know what you mean about age helping us notice beauty around us. The other day I had tea at the Rocket and there was an older couple sitting at the table next to me. They were reading the paper and all of sudden, without looking at each other, they both put their hands on table and touched for a moment before going back to turning there respective pages. There was so much beauty in that small gesture.

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