I was that kid who could spend hours focused on one particular thing and it would usually take over my life. As an adult, I’ve learned to multitask, but sometimes I’m still caught up in something and consumed with one particular thing. It can be a new author and I have to read all books he or she has written. Or just a particular series and I read all books written in one sitting and then wait impatiently for the new one to come out. I love Netflix because the best way to watch any show–House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, for example–is to binge watch.

And then there is the internet. YouTube sucks me in like nothing else and I’m addicted to Kid President, Tiffany Persson (A weird video blog based on a Swedish comedy character), and any cute thing dogs do.  My most recent obsession is watching Bored Shorts TV’s Kid Snippets.

These are videos imagined by kids, but acted out by grownups. For some reason it tickles my funny bone so much that I can’t stop watching them. I’ve watched my favorites over and over again. Here are some of them.

The one with the penguin:

The one that made me want to buy a Josh Groban album:


The one about things you should have thought about before getting married:


Do you have an obsession?


  • Melissa says:

    I love completely immersing myself in a subject: reading a whole slew of books on it, watching relevant films, listening to related music. The reading is always the most satisfying for me, especially if it’s a mix of fiction/nonfiction/poetry, but the other things are crucial to feeding the obsession, too.

    • I’ve noticed that some TV shows that I got to know through binge watching DVDs or Netflix are not as good when I have to wait for episodes. The total immersion adds to my experience and I lose interest in some story lines if I the show is parsed out piecemeal.

  • Erin Dodge says:

    I love the “Wedding Jitters” one. These are great. I think I have a new obsession.

    • Erin Dodge says:

      On the way to work this morning, the penguin short was playing in my mind. Kids are awesome. I love their creativity.

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