Too Many Nuts: Fat Shaming Squirrels is the New Hate-Fueled Internet Phenomenon

Who could hate this face?

Who could hate this face? She’s a mother of three, asshole!

There is an epidemic that we all need to be aware of, especially this festive, sweet-filled, hibernating season. All over the Internet and Twitter, people ¬†are again using the World Wide Web as a weapon against self-esteem and positive body image. Yes, dear friends, I’m talking about Fat Squirrel Shaming.

Here are just a few examples of the hate-spreading, vile tweets that are flooding Twitter recently:squirrel twitter 1

squirrel twitter 3squirrel twitter 2


Why are these people going so out of their way to hate on such beautiful, full-figured animals? And why does this guy think Jersey Shore references are still relevant?

One fitness guru named Mabel Oak has been particularly coldhearted toward the chubby squirrels out there, calling them, “. . . lazy, bad examples to their children, their neighborhoods, and their squirrel community. How can we help them when they won’t help themselves? I just don’t understand why they all can’t have the discipline to look as hot as me!”

Mable Oak: Flexible and Full of Hate

Mable Oak: flexible and full of hate (Taken from her Peanut Pilates video series)

Fortunately, there has been a public outcry calling for the boycott of all Mable Oak videos, books, yoga mats, and other fitness-related merchandise.

Friends, we need to be open minded, loving, empathetic creatures this season and all seasons. These gorgeous squirrels are just fending for themselves in the cold, cruel, nut-filled world that we all inhabit. We need to take the time to see the problem, recognize it, and stop ourselves before we click, comment, and ruin some squirrel’s day.


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