Amazon Prime Air: Way of The Future or Pure Craziness?

Amazon’s new venture aims to have products in customers’ hands in thirty minutes or less by using unmanned air crafts. Here’s some footage from one of their test flights:

The company says it needs a few years to improve the technology and to work out FAA regulations before one of these drones will land on your doorstep. This morning, a friend from the UK Tweeted a suggested missed delivery slip.



For more thoughts on the Amazon Prime Air, read Mother Jones’  Why America Isn’t Ready for Delivery Drones, if only for the pleasure of paragraphs such as:

“Administration (FAA) is expected to open up US airspace to unmanned aerial vehicles in 2015. But after that date, Amazon’s blender-delivering drones will still face big obstacles, such as the states and cities that are hostile towards drone-use; potential accidents with passenger planes; GPS and privacy concerns; and roving bands of laser-wielding package bandits.”

How do you feel about drones landing at your house? Any additional check boxes that should be added to the delivery slip?


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