The Beginning of the End

Me on my twenty-ninth birthday: I blew out all the candles. One goal down, six thousand to go.

Me and my son on my twenty-ninth birthday: I blew out all the candles. One goal down, six thousand to go.

About a month ago, I entered the final year of my twenties. It’s a strange feeling knowing that a decade is coming to an end. I remember how ecstatic I was to turn ten: double digits! Twenty sort of got buried between eighteen and twenty-one. I didn’t expect to get worked up over a birthday again until my thirtieth, but twenty-nine came with a surprising amount of pressure. The coming year feels a little like a last chance. I have little more than three hundred days ahead of me to accomplish what I can before I’m thirty.

For example:

I haven’t been to all fifty states.

I haven’t been to Canada.

I haven’t started my garden or filled a chicken coop.

I never got a pygmy goat and made cheese out of her milk.

I never did anything cool to my hair.

I’ve never made a perfect buttercream.

I still only know about six chords on the guitar.

Je ne parle francais trop bien.

I haven’t built the time machine or brain-switcher I’ll need to trade lives with Alice Munro.

I’ve never tasted the McRib.

I can’t box, kick-box, or do karate.

I never purchased a typewriter.

I haven’t played Viola in Twelfth Night or Phoebe in As You Like It.


I guess I’ve got a lot to do this year. I’ll have to find someone to watch the baby.

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  • JaimeRWood says:

    Here’s the thing (Here comes asinine wisdom from a 30-something year old): Time is a freaking cosmic trickster. As soon as you think you’ve got your time planned, organized, under your control, it flies away. I’m sure you already know this, which is why you’re writing about this year that sneaked up on you out of nowhere while you were busy living your 20s. I used to say, I’ll do _________ by the time I’m ______. It never worked that way for me. Here’s the good news: my 30s have been pretty swell so far, way better than my 20s. I still haven’t figured out how to shut up and just enjoy my time. I’m always worried I’m going to run out of it like it’s a precious resource, and it kind of is, isn’t it?

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