putting the “scare” back in scarecrow


i got forwarded an email earlier this week loaded with images of terrifying-looking pumpkins like the one you see above.  you can visit villafane studios for a bunch more of their work.  even more frightening, though?  some of the stuff being written by grade school kids these days.  i highly recommend the stories done by 4th-graders in this wilmette life piece.  my favorite is probably the first one, “five fingers,” but “unseen” has a killer intro:

It was a gloomy night. I was locked in my room as usual while my Aunt was doing her secret stuff that she does every night.

After my parents died, I moved into some old cabin in the woods with this freak. “Can I come out now?” I called to my Aunt.

“Not yet” she yelled back up. Suddenly the door unlocked. I decided I should stay in my room. But then the mischief in me got out. I crept out of my room and down the stairs. I peeked into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe what I saw. My Aunt was cooking mice. I sprinted up to my room and screamed in to my pillow.

happy halloween, ya’all.


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