10 Natural Cures for Stupid Hangovers

Hey, y’all.

You're damn right he hydrates.

You’re damn right he hydrates.

Do you have a Bukowski-sized hangover today? Are you in the process of renouncing all of your Irish, or pretend Irish, heritage? Are you making promises to never drink again?

Let’s get real.

Here are some natural hangover cures because I care about you.

1. Drink water. While this may seem obvious, it’s wicked important. Try to avoid coffee. Even though it’ll make you feel more human and awake, it’ll make your hangover last even longer since coffee dehydrates you.

2. Drink Coconut Water. Coconut water is full of natural electrolytes, which will both hydrate you and keep you hydrated. Avoid the gatorade-like drinks because they’re full of dyes, chemicals, and toxins, that will make you retain water, which you probably don’t want. Nothing worse than being hungover and puffy.

3. Lemon & Honey. Lemons have cleansing properties and help to flush out all of the nastiness you subjected your body to. Honey does too. Try warm water with a whole lemon’s worth of juice and add a teaspoon or tablespoon of honey. Toast with honey on top is a good way to get  some food into ya, too. (Also, I’ve heard that putting lemon halves in your armpits helps. Weird, right?)

4. Eat something. Because your stomach hates you for good reason.

5. Asparagus is high in amino acids that accelerate the breakdown of alcohol. Cook them with butter, since butter will help coat your stomach.

6. Bananas help muscle aches by restoring potassium in your system.

7. Avocados are high in vitamin B, which helps your aching brain, because your brain hates you too. And the natural fats will help coat your stomach.

8. Celery is rich in magnesium and calcium which help your body fight off toxins.

9. Spinach is great for the circulatory system and is also a natural cleanser.

10. Get some rest because we all know that time heals all wounds.

Bonus: Think your hangover is bad? Watch this.


  • Cathie Smathie says:

    I definitely copy and pasted this list (or a version of it) when it was your status.
    Thanks for caring about us :)

  • Pete Sheehy says:

    I used to drink grapefruit juice, and water, lots of both, and just walk for an hour until I sweated it out.

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