Harlem Shake at the Gravity Vault

In case you’ve managed to miss this new meme, the Harlem Shake is sweeping You Tube.  And since You Tube is the future of TV, and since Bad TV fortnight is coming up soon, here is a Harlem Shake video made at my rock climbing gym.  Perhaps you are wondering: what is the Harlem Shake?  The Blaze has a helpful primer:

…the basics seem to be that one person (generally covering their face) begins dancing to the song by the artist Baauer. Everyone else in the scene at this point is just going about their own business. Then at the words “and do the Harlem Shake,” costumes are donned and mass dancing occurs.

As for the lyrics, the only words seem to be “con los terroristas,” which is Spanish for “with the terrorists,” and “and do the Harlem shake.”

There have been many video, including soldiers, an underwater swim team, and various people at the office.  This is, maybe, the first one with rock climbers. You can find me in the bottom right of the screen wearing a blue shirt in the first part.  Can you spot me after the jump???



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