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A few tidbits to start off your week. Enjoy!

* Portraits of famous writers made out of their words? Faulkner created out of The Sound and The Fury, Walt Whitman created out of Leaves of Grass, etc.

* Matthew Dickman has a really cool idea, and I think we should all do it. Check out his full post over at the Tin House blog, and see below for the quick version.

I want to ask if you will join me in a small, inexpensive, but possibly life-altering experiment. Over the next thirty days, let’s all buy a favorite book of poems and send it to someone who doesn’t usually read poems. This could be a family member, friend, your local representative, whomever! I believe poetry enriches our lives and our hearts. I believe that by sharing poetry with others we are taking part in humanizing our culture … in living rooms and apartments, in bars and restaurants, in countless bathrooms, there’s someone reading a poem, somewhere…and that makes the world a little less scary, a little more bearable, and exceedingly more interesting.

For his part, Dickman sent a copy of Lucille Clifton poems to each of Portland’s mayoral candidates, because “whoever becomes my mayor, I want them to do so with a book of poems on their shelf.”

What book would you want to make sure your mayor/senator/president had read?

* Roxane Gay raises some questions about the ways in which we reveal ourselves, on and off the page, and the value our culture places on revelations, manufactured or otherwise. Via The Rumpus.

I don’t really want to know what a man looks like when his face has been cannibalized. I don’t really want to know about this dog-breastfeeding woman. I don’t want to be in the position of being able to judge or ridicule the ugliness and the strangeness of this world.

And yet, here I am. Here we all are.


Have a great week, everyone.


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