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My post today is late and it will be brief, and this is all due to the fact that my computer crashed on Wednesday and my hard drive ended up wiped. Luckily, I’d backed up most of my files (namely my writing folder) a few hours previous, so I haven’t spent the last five days huddled in a ball in the corner, crying my eyes out. I did get lucky though—my last backup was a year previous. So here’s my quick Bark PSA: back up your writing. Seriously. Stop reading and go do it now. You just might thank yourself later.

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  • Mary Anne,Do you know this woman?I read her long list of grievances, I was left wannitg as to whether she is on the team. I was troubled by her hand-wringing over the firing of dissenters and her question as to whether ‘opinions’ that oppose Catholic teaching would be unwelcomed under Towey. Huge red flag for me.Her belief that faculty should be sitting at the table with officers and directors driving the mission and goals is unrealistic and the description of the tax issues, etc., left me with the feeling she was the town crank. There have been numerous problems along the way but Tom’s heart (and goals) at Ave Maria are in the right place.Towey is a phenomenal pick. He has a big heart, he’s faithful to the mission and deposit of faith and will go a long way to healing the wounds and fractures littering Ave’s vineyard. He has the ability to turn the swords into plowshares and keep the school pointed in the right direction. Thanks for the call to prayer. I’m in!

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