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i’m not sure i understand their business model (which seems to be primarily making book covers, but not actual books – you know, with words & shit), but juniper books has made a rather nice-looking collection of hemingway’s work.

somehow, this part of the universe has escaped my attention for years: according to conspiracy theorists/radiohead fans, you can combine ok computer and in rainbows into one mega-album—a playlist known as “01 and 10.”  i’ve tried listening to it a couple times, and i think it’s cool.  just how cool it actually is remains to be seen.

i’m sure you’ve heard the dark side of the moon/wizard of oz synchronization rumors.  but have you heard the one about “echoes” (from the meddle album) and 2001: a space odyssey?  me neither.  but it’s on wikipedia, so it must be true.

last sunday night, i saw a pretty great wilco concert, which concluded with a surprisingly awesome version of “hoodoo voodoo.”  if you haven’t ever heard that, or anything else from billy bragg & wilco’s mermaid avenue albums, now is the time.  (and if you haven’t even heard of those albums, they’re songs written to woody guthrie lyrics that woody never got around to recording himself.)  there’s a special re-release of this material, with a whole extra disc of previously unreleased stuff, for woody’s would-be 100th birthday.  or, if you hate all that new-fangled rock’n’roll crap, you can just listen to 3 CDs worth of the man himself with the new woody at 100 box set.

there have been some pretty freakin’ great covers of neil young songs over the years.

chuck palahniuk put out invisible monsters: remix this year, with new chapters & “special design elements” (whatever the hell that means.

in case you missed it in willow springs’ twitter feed last week, there was a post on htmlgiant about how faulkner wanted to print the sound and the fury in color.  i’m honestly unsure whether that would help me understand the book better, or make it worse.  but at $345 a pop, pretty sure i don’t ever have to worry about it.

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  • Laura Citino Laura C. says:

    The Radiohead thing is pretty awesome. I don’t even care if it’s because I’m a fangirl, but the songs really do go beautifully together and it has the added bonus of making OK Computer seem twice as long, which is never a bad thing.

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