“whatever happened to the girl in me” ike reilly

last saturday i was doing my level best to avoid all the drunk, fake-irish fucks that were running amok in chicago.  i can’t pretend to understand why the temporary appearance of green miller lite makes so many people lose their shit in this town, but it does.  somewhat ironically, i went into the heart of the idiocy to find my reprieve: the ike reilly assassination was playing lincoln hall & i try not to miss any show he plays in this town.

ike doesn’t have the following of [insert your favorite band here], and the show wasn’t sold out (despite being not a terribly large venue), and i feel partially responsible for that.  i haven’t spread the gospel of the IRA like i should, and i’m here to make amends.  i mean it as no hyperbole when i say ike might be one of the finest songwriters working in rock today.  he’s got blue collar soul like the boss, and crazy flow like hova.  i think his genre-defying brilliance is most evident on my favorite IRA record, sparkle in the finish, with gems like “i don’t want what you got (goin’ on).”

and here’s the best part of this post: now that i’ve told you you need to listen to this fucking guy already, you can download a free 10-song(!) sampler, explicit lyrics & all.  never again can you say amazon is pure evil.

for more immediate gratification, below you can check out one of the few official videos ike’s ever done: “whatever happened to the girl in me.”  the video’s got something for everyone: dudes, guns, beers, dudes with guns & beers, dudes shooting beers with guns, dudes doing donuts in a field (while drinking beers & shooting guns), and also an epic-yet-soft-spoken landscape full of wonder & sunshine & hope & other bullshit like you can only find in the plains of illinois.  none of which really has anything to do with the song.  so: totally something for everyone.



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