“ho hey” the lumineers

anyone listening to the greatest radio dj of all time (a.k.a. john richards on kexp) in this new year is undoubtedly already familiar with this song.  he’s wasted no time in declaring it the best song of 2012 (which is precisely six days old now), and has even taken to playing the song twice, back to back, on the air.  but there are no complaints here.

“ho hey” is the kind of simple/happy pop song that makes people tune into the radio in the first place.  i remember when matthew sweet’s “girlfriend” was all over the charts back in the day, and how at the time sweet said something to the effect of how it was just a dumb pop song, and of course the dumbest pop songs turn out to be the biggest hits.

i don’t know if “ho hey” qualifies as a dumb pop song or not. but anyone can see from the video below (or from this performance in denver, or just about any other video you dig up on youtube) that this band plays this song with unabashed joy.  no ironic detachment.  no hiding behind, well, anything.  they’re just happy to be singing—and sometimes that’s enough.

but next time i promise i’ll write either a real post, or put up a video of this great chipmunk-cheerleader-death metal-banjo funk band i heard playing under a sewer grate the other day.


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