Two Neuropathways Diverged in the Wood

Send out holiday cards in DYI creep style.

Find your next favorite author with this literature map. Type in the name of an author you like and swirling cloud of writers settles on the screen. The closer two authors appear, the more likely someone would enjoy reading them both.

It was only a matter of time. Google is asking people to submit floor plans to Google Maps. Say goodbye to hiding out in that Batcave you have in the attic.

If you don’t want to submit that floor plan you drew for a memory exercise in a CNF workshop, submit it to these guys.

Find some curbside Haiku in New York City. Read about street safety in form:

A sudden car door,
Cyclist’s story rewritten.
Fractured narrative

Something to do with those analog maps.

Or if you are a Southerner, find roadside poetry in Atlanta. Here’s a collection of bandit signs that provide a snapshot of the Southern human’s condition:

Feel Happier! Healthier!
Dump your bigotry.

Was that book lacking a map in the frontmatter? Maybe you can find it here.

If it exists in reality, you could take some schoolkids there.

Get a beer at your next lit event. Type in your zip code and the nearest breweries, 7-11 beer caves, and bars pop up. Afterward, you may need to find a pitstop.


  • Ericka Taylor says:

    I am so looking forward to playing around with the literature map when the quarter ends. Brilliant idea. Google mapping my living room? Not so much.

    • Amaris Amaris says:

      They’re going to be trolling CNF workshops and collecting your memory maps of your childhood home, I just know it. No one is safe from The Giant Database.

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