The Morning After

My mom has all kinds of pseudo-new age wisdom, based on spirituality and life experiences that I almost always take for granted until I’m slapped in the face with its profoundness at 11:45 pm in the Rosauers’ check out line as I’m buying a meat stick and an orange. But  preemptively I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to be doing New Year’s Day because for the past few years I’ve been haunted by what she told me several years ago on a NYE: “Whatever you’re doing on New Year’s Day, you’ll be doing all year long.” She does not mean this explicitly. If I sleep all day on January first, I will not sleep through every day all year long BUT I might be lazy. I dunno. I don’t have aspirations to do anything writerly on this day but I do want to do something that makes me happy, which includes writing but also includes sleeping late and making breakfast with my boyfriend, TJ. Maybe my mother is making me superstitious but I thought about how I used to feel on New Year’s Day and it was a lot like this:

This year I’d like to keep my drinking to a minimum and wake up respectably early, drink a cup of coffee, maybe take a hike with Teej and enjoy a whole day off from work together. I hope you, fellow Barkers and Readers, will take the time to do the things that make you happy on the first day of the new year and it will carry you to December 2012. Just know, my mother is never wrong.  Happy New Year!


  • Leyna Krow says:

    Oh my. This does sound very grown up and mature. Look how far we’ve come.

  • Rosie says:

    “Whatever you’re doing on New Year’s Day, you’ll be doing all year long.”

    My grandma used to say that, too, and so every New Years my mom would say, “Remember what your grandma would say!” So if I was being a little brat, I’d hear, “OH so this is how it’s going to be ALL YEAR.”

    It has stuck with me. I feel the pressure…

  • Cathie Smathie says:

    I’ve never heard that saying before. But slap me if it isn’t one of the most accurate things I’ve heard in a long time.

  • Carol Harrington says:

    When I look back on all the New Eve’s I’ve had and what shenanigans I partook of, my favorites are still when I was a little girl. Just before midnight my parents let my siblings and me take every pot and pan (and lids) out onto the porch and clang boom bang until the neighbors were completely pissed off. It rocked! We were the “That Family” on the block…you know, the family that let their kids stay out too late, played music way too loud (that was usually my dad), and got way too dirty in the woods. But whenever anyone needed help, we were also the first ones there to do whatever needed to be done.
    I do have this inkling to take all my pots and pans, my two boyz and creep down my old block pissin’ off the neighbors…

  • Mom says:

    Thanks for reminding me to take my own advice! I am revamping my New Year’s Eves plans as we speak!!!! No, seriously – age old wisdom never fails. While I would love to take credit for such insight, I am sure that some wise person spoke those words within my hearing, and I was smart enough to pass them on…Whatever you do, make it light. Life is a wonderful ride…the downs so that we can scream our heads off in anticipation of the ups (to think I us this analogy and I hate rollercoasters!!!!) Love you, Monet!!

  • Having this fabulous advice in mind all weekend, I did the following:
    Watched 2 documentaries
    Read Blue Nights (Joan Didion)
    Read in Mary Tudor (history book–I’m into the Tudor dynasty)
    Researched and wrote a blog post about Gardasil
    Wrote a letter hopefully reigniting a difficult friendship I allowed to lapse
    Took my kids to the park
    Read with my kids
    Slept in (well, dozed in anyway)
    Spent quality time with a good friend

    I did not:
    Play World of Warcraft
    Waste hours on evil Facebook
    Clean (very much–some is required when you have 3 kids)

    And I feel really good about all of that. Gettin some action would complete the first list, but the day’s not over yet (jabs you in ribs with elbow).
    Thanks, Monet and Monet’s mom!

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