Resolutions for Writers

I will write about that person or place or thing (you know the one I mean) I keep meaning to write about, even if I do it terribly and show no one.

I will write about a robot, humanoid or otherwise, at least once.

Happy New Year, happy you.

I will learn to sit and type ergonomically, because without working wrists and fingers, writing is awfully hard, and voice recognition programs are a feign plain bane pain in the but butt.

I will keep a box of scratch paper and actually use it, even if it means defiling page three of the second draft of my favorite story, which I never needed to print, with a shopping list.

I will stop printing things I don’t need to print.

I will use those beautiful journals people are constantly giving me for my birthday/Christmas, and stop telling myself they are prettier than any words I could possibly put in there.

I will try writing longhand before I type.

I will read every day, and not just blog posts and street signs, but books.

I will give e-Readers a chance.

I will try to learn a new fact every day.

I will ask for advice.

I will remember that animals might not be people, but they can be characters.

I will make up my own words.

I will try to write a play.

I will make time to people-watch.

I will persist.


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