On being a sniveling dweeb

Just a quickie today – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, “…one of the most fully-realized, easily enjoyable, and utterly engrossing role-playing games ever made,” has just released. My freezer is stocked with microwavable garbage; I’ve moved my television into a different corner of my living room so the afternoon sun that shines through my south window doesn’t cast a distracting glare on it; I’ve taken several days off work; I’ve turned off my phone so my boss can’t call me into work; I’ve been sleeping slumped forward in an uncomfortable chair to ascertain the homo-erectic posture needed when I’m leaning forward and casting entanglement spells on the dragon I’m about to behead; I’ve accepted the fact that posting this grotesque litany has decreased my chances of getting laid by 800%; I await a surfeit of nerdgasms. Don’t even get me started on the new Zelda game releasing in a few weeks. Yup – my waltz with the Seven Deadly Sins has gotten frisky and taken me to a VIP room with Sloth and Gluttony, and I couldn’t be more excited. St. John Clarke may have once said, “Growing old consists, abundantly, in growing young,” but since I’m hardly old enough to subscribe to such a sentiment, I’ll still find time, between filling kobolds with flaming arrows fired from my +5 bow and pestle-banging alkanet flowers and mort flesh into my mortar, to make it to Voice Over.

In the meantime, here’s a video by Gary Wilson, one of my fellow music snoot Luis’s recent discoveries; expect a blog post about him soon.


  • Good sir, I think the above sentence should be written thusly:

    “I’ve accepted the fact that posting this grotesque litany this gives me a -8 modifier on my ‘to-hit-dat-ass’ roll.”

    Yours in nerdom,

  • Brett says:

    At least I know I’m in good company. While I’ve never played the game you mention, I’m a bit obsessed with Transcendence, a free game that is entirely modifiable, letting one play it essentially forever. (www.neurohack.com)

  • Sam Edmonds says:

    Thanks, boys – it’s a cold, yet cozy world out here in Nerdganistan; I’m always happy to have allies.

  • Kathryn says:

    I’ve been having a hard time balancing Skyrim time with grading/teaching responsibilities and, you know, sleep.

    • Sam Edmonds says:

      I had to take a day off yesterday; the Winterhold College of Magic is kicking my ass. It’s like grad school, only you enjoy getting overwhelmed, rather than succumbing to self-loathing and fear.

  • Tiffany the necromancer says:

    Tiffany the necromancer approves

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