you’re scheming on a thing that’s a mirage

birds were hip before you even knew: logos from the 1960s & 70s.

listen to a full stream of andrew bird’s new release: the norman soundtrack.

jonathan franzen maybe talks a little shit about dfw’s nonfiction.

dean wareham interviews stephen malkmus.

what does music do to your brain?  “humans are hard-wired to respond” to it.

guess what?  your brain doesn’t like bad stuff.

steve almond looks at the occupy wall street movement and reflects on his father’s civil protests decades ago.

a writer on the millions sees a modern day bartleby the scrivener in occupy wall street.

i recently started doing some web work for the lit pub, which basically gives you daily personal essays for books you should read (and sometimes music recommendations you might like related to those books).  htmlgiant interviewed founder molly gaudry when it launched this summer.  sam ligon, of bark and willow springs fame, already has an essay up there on kamby bolongo mean river.

you can let robots choose books for you at, which describes itself as pandora for books.

i can never tell any of the beastie boys apart.



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