Recommended back-to-school (re)reading

School is starting up again here at EWU next week. I’ve gotten to meet a number of folks from the incoming class and they all seem super cool. Makes me think back to those heady days of September 2010 when I was a new arrival here in Spokane, desperately trying to get my MFA sea legs, awash in the excitement and confusion of new people and a new place. My goodness, seems like a lifetime ago. Anyway, I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be nice to write a little something on Bark to let the new students know what they’re getting into? This post, as I envisioned it, would be primarily humorous in its tone, but also with some tiny nuggets of truth.

But then I remembered that last year EWU alum Scott Eubanks wrote just such a Bark post and it was brilliant. It’s called “How to be an MFA Student” and begins thusly:

1. In the first month of your first year, sleep with as many people as possible. This is important. Sleep with as many people as you can because after that, everyone will pair off like penguins until graduation and you’ll be forced to sleep with people outside of the program and you won’t be able to talk about how bourgeois everything is after sex.

You should read the whole thing. And if you’ve read it before, you should read it again. Because it is humorous. And also just a little true here and there.


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