The Daily Show on Borders’ Closing

The main reason I would consider getting cable TV is because I could watch The Daily Show on a bigger screen. Luckily, it’s still funny on the computer monitor.

Steward introduces my favorite segment from this week as “Books: You might know them as the thing Amazon tells you ‘you might be interested in’ when you’re buying DVDs.”

Unfortunately, I can’t make the link work so that it plays here on our blog and you have to sit through a 30 seconds commercial before you get to the humor. You really should watch it though. It’s only 5 minutes long and you get to hear funny dialogue like:

Stewart: There are stuff bookstores can do that the internet can not.
Hodgman: You mean like sheltering the homeless?
Stewart: I’m talking about having authors visit stores.
Hodgman: Now we’re just splitting hairs.

Funny Video: Stewart and Hodgman talk about that historical thing called a bookstore.

I’m disturbingly attracted to Hodgman’s idea of replacing in-store readings with in-store writings, having writers write on demand while visitors “pelt them with four-dollar scones.” Don’t you think that would make us meet our deadlines?


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