Finally! Squeezable guacamole for those with taste on the go.

Visit us. Follow the history of portable chip condiments and the meteoric rise of Go-Guac© executives. Contact us with guacamole related emails, stories, and testimonials.


Responses from satisfied customers:

“I want to be buried in a pool of Go-Guac© and forced to eat my way out”

– Sylvia Toucha

”I just Go-Guac©ed in my pants”

-Barb Hendricks

“This stuff is going to take off like guacamole splooging out of a tube!!!”

-Billy Zanowitz


Don’t be fooled by inferior squeezable guacamole products. When it comes to eating guacamole from a tube, reach for Go-Guac©!


  • Shira Richman says:

    Tyler, did you create this corporation? Are you hiring?

  • Tyler says:


    I wish I could take credit for this revolutionary idea. Unfortunately Go-Guac© is a collaboration between co-founders Krystal-Destinée Lardmore, and Ron D’oush Guacamole. You can read their stories at http://www.goguac.com/?page_id=2. Right now I’ve been doing temp work at their international headquarters in Spangle, Washington. They pay me entirely in Go-Guac© squeezable guacamole tubes which I often times find more practical than things like money or health benefits. I can put in a good word for you. They’re looking for guacamole-minded individuals and I think you may just have the chops to make it in this industry.


    Tyler Evans
    -Managing Editor, Willow Springs Magazine
    -Go-Guac© temp, Go-Guac Industries, International Headquarters, Spangle, Washington

    • Shira Richman says:

      Awesome. Can I telecommute or do I have to move to Spangle? Not that I don’t want to move to Spangle.

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