You win this one, Trebek.

My favorite TV show is Jeopardy. When 7 p.m. rolls around, if the television is on, it gets turned just in time for the theme music to kick in, the contestants to be introduced and the categories to be revealed.

One of my greatest ambitions is to be on Jeopardy (big dreams, I know). I do the online test every year, and even though I’m pretty sure I get no more than 25 percent of the questions right (that test is hard), I still hope to one day stand behind the contestant podium and tell Alex Trebek my best anecdote.

But there’s one problem – in all my Jeopardy dream scenarios, I get stuck on the anecdote part. What would my interesting story be? Could I make it up? Would Alex Trebek know if I was lying?

NPR’s All Things Considered recently did a story on the anecdote development process, which made me feel a little better, for when, you know, I get to be on the show.

So, here’s your challenge: You’ve got 30 seconds. What interesting anecdote would you tell Alex Trebek?

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