Words and Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes words with the picture add unintentional humor. Funny or Die user Oh, News! posts real examples from the news where the headlines add hilarity to a picture. Recently, Spokane’s own KREM 2 News was included in a great slideshow with this shot:

From Funny or Die's 12 Great Moments in News Caption

I get most of my news from NPR and the internet, while my husband prefers the TV. He cruises the twenty-four hour news channels. I get information overload from them because I can’t pay attention to both the scrolling captions and the story that’s being reported. In the end, I absorb neither and end up with a headache.  Maybe I should start looking for funny caption/picture combinations instead and forget about trying to keep up with current events. It seems like a more productive way to watch.

Here’s another unintentional match posted by Oh News!.

From Funny or Die's Finally, Fox News Accurately Labels Sara Palin.

What’s your favorite news source? How do you keep track of current events?


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