A few posts on Bark have featured MOTIONPOEMS, an animated poetry project founded by poet Todd Boss and designer/general wunderkind Angella Kassube. With the proliferation of design technology and the magical Interwebs, a lot of folks have begun creating animation versions of poems. But over the past couple of years I’ve paid closest attention to MOTIONPOEMS, as it’s been a bit different from the get-go. The quality of the work they’ve produced is quite simply the best I’ve seen. In my experience, many collaborations between poets and designers are lackluster because either the design and production are substandard, or the writing is. In other words, it’s hard to hit a home run back-to-back. But MOTIONPOEMS pulls it off. Boss and Kassube are, in effect, a professional poetic tag team, and their work proves it.

If that weren’t enough, MOTIONPOEMS got some pretty damn good news recently. They’ve inked a one-year pilot contract to animate poems from Scribner’s Best American Poetry. That’s pretty impressive, because the writers they run are already world-class, now they’ll be able to feature even more fine folks.

As one might imagine, this isn’t exactly cheap, so they’ve launched a Kickstarter Project to finance the endeavor. They are shooting for 15K, and they’re happily well on their way. If you’re so inclined, the Kickstarter project is open for donations until Tuesday or so, and there are a bunch of nifty poetry-related “thank you” items for each membership level. My personal favorite is a signed, hand-pencilled 14×20 broadside of Todd Boss’s poem “The World Is In Pencil,” which is due to appear in Poetry soon. It looks like this:

In any event, be sure to keep tabs on this project, as it’s got a damn bright future.





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