Wiener dog in a bow tie

When Gary Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story came out last year, it was introduced to the people of the Interwebs with what was pretty much the book trailer to end all book trailers. Said trailer – which can be found after the jump – is charming, hilarious and has James Franco in it (as all good book trailers should, duh) as well cameos from a lot of real writers who I guess are sort of famous too.

Now in honor of the release of the paperback edition of Super Sad True Love Story, we get the trailer’s sequel, staring Shteyngart, Paul Giamatti, and a wiener dog in a bow tie. As is often the case with sequels, this one doesn’t quite live up to first trailer (no James Franco), but it’s still pretty funny. And with a nice message at the end.


For those who were living in a cave for all of 2010 and that cave did not have WiFi, here’s the original.



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