Who Cares?

I must have been obsessing about Indie Author vs. Traditional Publisher for the two last weeks, because yesterday a writer friend sent an email with the cartoon below. Her subject line: “This is how I (and pretty much everyone else) feel, let’s not debate anymore.”

Message received loud and clear.   

Let fantasy author Jim C. Hines’s image be my last word on Barry Eisler’s and Amanda Hocking’s decisions to change publishing models:

(But just in case you want to know just a little bit more. Here’s what Eisler and Hocking have to say about the internet buzz generated. Oh, and here’s what Jennifer Crusie has to say. I never do know when to shut up, do I?)

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  1. Love that cartoon. So true.

  2. tanya.debuff says:

    That is a great cartoon, Asa. I’m guessing all this will be of more import to me when I have or am on the path to having a manuscript (when I am a better writer). It’s so interesting to hear the sides here, from people who have been successful in one or the other and then switch.

    • Tanya, I’m at a conference right now where the agents and editors bascially told us all to worry about writing only and let them worry about what the best and most profitable venue of publishing is for our work. I feel much better now. :-)

  3. The cartoon is great. It’s a great time to be a writer. Our options are endless, confusing, but endless. Jordan http://www.evaprim.com

  4. For myself, I just have to say, what a wonderful and terrifying time to be a writer. I’m published under a pseudonym with a small, good e-publisher but still hoping for the contract with one of the big six. In the meantime, I’m self-publishing to get some of my work out there.

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