In Brief

Sam Edmond’s bait over at Jezebel.  I much prefer the original April.

Slate continues DFW obsession. Worth obsessing over.
The New York Times discovers WOW avatars fall in love and get married in the real world.  I thought of you, Scott Eubanks.


  • Sam Edmonds says:

    She’s no Gadget, but thanks to April, I always did associate journalism with the color yellow while growing up. (Though I knew nothing about yellow journalism at age ten.)

  • Scott Eubanks says:

    Thank you, Sam. I’ve been meaning to revisit that profile, or profiles in general. They just take so much time. There was a guy in Japan who sued his ex-wife for an obscene amount of money because she got mad at him and gave away all of his items on MapleStory. Here’s a list of ten deaths that are blamed on WOW:

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