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Red Riding Hood, the movie, is now available in written form, too.

TheĀ  novelization — well, actually sort of a prequel to the film, written during filming by a 21-year-old graduate of a creative writing program whose family is friends with the director — made its debut atop a New York Times bestseller list for children.

But wait! There’s more! It’s also a multimedia e-book, according to the L.A. Times, including video interviews with the film’s director, “an animated short film, audio discussion about the set design and props, costume sketches and [the director’s] hand-drawn maps of the world where ‘Red Riding Hood’ takes place.”

Red Riding Hood the original (you know, the movie) is getting bad reviews (“This movie sucks giant wolf balls”). The novelization for children is getting no reviews, except online gripes from readers irked that it lacks an ending. You’re supposed to read the final chapter online — it was withheld until after the movie opened.

It’s too bad these particular incarnations appear to stink. It’s important, I think, that even with e-readers and online-only final chapters, the same basic story — 700 or so years old — continues to inspire people to tell it again.

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