competitive nerdery

fair warning: you might have to be a huge nerd to appreciate this.  a while back, the geniuses at coudal partners (a creative agency which seems to spend an inordinate amount of time doing things for fun instead of for clients) invented a game called layer tennis.  though you can sign up for “season tickets” with your e-mail address, this is not a game you go anywhere to watch or pay to see.  it’s a head-to-head competition between graphic designers, but it’s something that happens on the clock, at a very specific time, like a real professional sports game.  the gist of it is, two designers will square off, passing files back and forth, with each individual getting 15 minutes to add/respond to the work as they see fit.  and just like in real athletic contests, there’s a winner and a loser.

these matches happen pretty regularly on fridays, and you can see some previous matches (including the color commentary) in the lyt archive, but today is a special friday.  it’s the playoffs, baby.  a single elimination tournament.  they got brackets and everything.  the first match starts off at 11am central time today, with the day’s second match at 1pm, and additional matches every friday until the championship on december 17.  head on over to the layer tennis site to get in on the fun.


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