Speaking of Kindle

According to the NYT, “More than half of the ‘best-selling’ e-books on the Kindle, Amazon.com’s e-reader, are available at no charge.”

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  • Asa says:

    I am a complete gadget freak and would love, love, love to have an e-reader of some kind. Everyone I know that have a Kindle loves it and yet I just can’t make myself buy one. I would want to read everything on the Kindle, not just books I buy from Amazon. They (Amazon) keep on promising that the new version of Kindle will allow non-proprietary files on the device, but as far as I know it hasn’t happened yet. Does it not seem ludicrous that I have to pay to have my own stuff converted to the Kindle file format before I can review a manuscript on my own device? I know there are other devices on the market, but since Amazon seems to be the biggest supplier of ebooks, I’m still waiting it out. It’s kind of like VHS and Beta all over again for me.

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